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Research suggests that attention wanes after 10 minutes of lecture. Providing a question during the lecture provides a natural breaking point ensuring students stay involved in the class. Measuring student comprehension in real-time allows an instructor to more appropriately target the lecture.


Students separate into teams with the goal of being first team to solve a puzzle that leads them to the finish line. Teams get clues that bring them to multiple sites on campus. Students learn more about the school while having fun, make new friends, and feel connected to the school community.


HIPPA Compliant


AARG ActviveARG’s Health assessments provide a set of questions that help people understand how they can improve and maintain their health. After they complete the health assessment, they get a customized plan to help address any health risks they have identified. Health professionals receive valuable feedback in order to better treat patients.

Pre/Post Operation

In an effort to educate patients prior to surgery and to reduce the re-hospitalization rate, the ActiveARG Pre/Post Operation app provides patients with vital information during the preoperative period and provides healthcare professional an effective way to check in with patients and caregivers after procedures for assessment and support for their treatment regimen.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

The ActiveARG app provides an indicator for measuring the quality of healthcare as patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims. Patient feedback affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality healthcare.


AARG’s gaming location based option makes it simple to engage customers and introduce a spirit of competition as only users at the specified location can participate in the game. Games include pools, trivia, and contests.


Administrators receive comprehensive statistics with easy-to- use dashboards that present results and feedback using intuitive charts and graphs. Text and email alerts can be set up based on results.

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ActiveARG’s management and principals bring together extensive experience in the related fields of education, media and technology. In addition, they have a solid track record of forging public/private partnerships critical to the implementation of the company strategy.

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