Health Assessments

Identify health needs and risk factors so patients can be directed to appropriate care.
Example: Text arg2224 to 88131


Patients receive information and education prior to procedures and providers verify that patients received and processed information.
Example: Text arg5176 to 88131


Effective way to check in with patients and caregivers for assessment and support for treatment regimen.
Example: Text arg6293 to 88131

Health Alerts and Reminders

Urgent public health incidents, medication recalls, vaccination reminders for at risk populations.
Example: Text arg4955 to 88131



Interest Assessment

Identify areas of interests and preferences in order to learn what types of job related activities, majors and classes students would most enjoy.

Mental Health Assessment

Encourage students to start a dialog and connect with counselors and mental health professionals if necessary.

Comprehension Assessment

Brief student assessment designed to offer teachers feedback in order to adjust lecture and materials.



Listen to customers

  • Improve customer satisfaction and demonstrate that the organization values their opinion.
  • Simple and immediate way to address customer concerns.
  • Offer customers a way to communicate directly rather than posting negative comments to public social media sites.


Secure Online Dashboard

Simple to deliver apps and manage feedback with secure HIPAA compliant portal that is guaranteed to protect sensitive data. Tools are provided that collect, aggregate, and filter feedback with detailed models and analytics. Administrators can elect to have alerts sent to them via text notifying them that immediate attention is warranted.


Import users from an existing database or add as necessary.

Deliver Apps

Deliver apps to users via text and/or email.


Analyze data with tools that provide statistical models and comprehensive reports.

About Us

ActiveARG is a Digitron and ByLogix partnership. Together the companies provide extensive experience in the related fields of technology, media and service. In addition, they have a solid track record of forging public/private partnerships critical to the implementation of the company strategy.

Digitron Communications, Inc.

For over 36 years, Digitron has provided nationwide technology services with a service force of over 2,700 affiliate companies, with over 15,000 technicians located in all 50 states. Digitron provides nationwide design, installation, and maintenance services for multiple Fortune 500 businesses and government agencies. Additionally, Digitron operates as a wireless Internet service provider for underserved markets and its Digital Media Services Division produces and distributes training and educational programs. Digitron received the Technology Leadership Award from the U.S. Treasury Department.

ByLogix, Inc.

ByLogix develops information technology software for government agencies and companies serving multiple industries. ByLogix’s proven track record in design and product development has led to multiple patents being granted and currently pending. The company has designed and implemented all aspects of software products and has collaborated with clients ensuring satisfaction and innovative results.

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